New partnership for HR Consulting for SMEs

New partnership for HR Consulting for SMEs


Creating synergies to offer powerful diagnostic tools

Throughout my career I have been trained in different diagnostic and evaluation instruments for HR. I am accredited in Insights Discovery, Belbin Roles, Leadership Circle, TTI Success Insights talent assessments etc. 

They are powerful, scientific, practical models that I love. Most of them I have used in the coaching processes of professional reorientation with great satisfaction on the part of my clients. I have also applied them for some companies. 

Now my solidarity work in which I have been accompanying professionals who want to increase their self-knowledge, reorient themselves and reduce stress, will be complemented by the contribution of these instruments to small and medium-sized enterprises. 

For this, I have the collaboration of Ferran Lain coach and mentor and consultant of the company Kre-ce. 

He has a long experience in the implementation of corporate strategies in the field of HR in companies of different sectors and sizes. 


Kre-ce is the partner with whom I share purpose and values and maintain an excellent relationship.  

A partnership to bring self-knowledge to small and medium-sized companies.

These recognized and effective diagnostic instruments have a license cost that we can make available to small and medium-sized companies.

Request more information to learn about all the possibilities we offer and the resources that these tools can provide in the field of people and HR.


The partnership with Kre-ce provides:

  • Powerful tools for diagnosing and evaluating people’s talent


  • Design and implementation of the most appropriate strategy to achieve the desired objectives. 


In the posts of the coming weeks I will expose practical cases of application of these instruments and the benefits they have brought to both professionals and companies.

Visit the new section of companies and request information.

Mireia Poch
Mireia Poch

Coaching y mindfulness Solidario para profesionales

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